Spring Community Meeting Wrap Up

You spoke, and we listened (and transcribed)! At our May meeting, the Overbrook Farms community came together with members of neighboring communities to brainstorm ideas for building and strengthening our neighborhood, and creating opportunities for our youth. Residents and neighbors contributed their thoughts and suggestions by writing notes on post-its (all while maintaining silence). Then, also in silence, the notes were arranged and re-arranged by topic on the walls of the meeting room. Thanks to Nycole Watson, from Councilman’s Jones Office and Julie Foster, OFC Board Member, for summarizing the categories and labeling them with agreement from the community (once we were allowed to speak). Susan Carmody, Vice President of the Overbrook Farms Club, transcribed all of the inspiring and inspired ideas. The OFC Board is now reviewing the list and will continue the discussion as to how we, as a neighborhood group, can help be stewards of these many amazing ideas. We are asking that you do the same, and PLEASE join us for our next board meeting (the time and date of which will be announced here), so that we can form committees around some of the ideas that can be implemented immediately. We have been so inspired by your words and participation; we look forward to continuing the momentum as we continue to cultivate our community! Thank you.

Below is the list as transcribed. Take a look and leave comments please. We want to hear back from you.

Community Involvement & Engagement

How to connect with new neighbors? Event to welcome new neighbors yearly.
Team has no I in it.
Speak to every person you pass on the street.
Block Captains
Work with area community groups to create all communities events.
Community hot line
Create opportunities for local youth by investing/ intern. Volunteer as a mentor.
Venues such as Farmer’s Market, Narberth Community Theatre wonderful progress that Morris Park Association have presented.


Better snow removal on Woodcrest Ave.
Repair sidewalks & potholes
Clean the park
Clean up
Street cleaning
Ban loud music (in Cars too) after 10PM before 7AM
Trash violations
Involvement with surrounding community/ Civic Associations
Historic designation
Some streets are very dirty
Exterior art
Community corners of various neighborhoods- maintence
Plant trade day at the Farmer’s Market
More Flowers
Resurfacing of alley behind Woodcrest Ave.
Ongoing communication with SJU and other owners of apartment complexes housing students.
What will happen to Drexelbrook Apts & large apt. buildings if students don’t fill them? Ex. Drexel has built more housing on Campus.
Have a series of dialogues focusing on basic social justice issues.
Collect the trash near the bus stops
Clean up the trash from the bus stops and cut the weeds
Driveway repairs snow removal from Woodcrest Ave. alley

Engage Our Youth

More kids playing in their yards
Semi organized play times/meetings at Morris Park for kids / families
Get children & young adults involved
Youth outreach – hire kids that come around asking to shovel snow or do yard work. If their prices are unrealistic help them to a fair price. Trust has to work both ways.
Identify people especially seniors who need assistance, friends – a buddy system perhaps.
Help seniors with outdoor lights/ bushes
Teens need rides – develop a teen ride network
Invest in the youth of Overbrook High School – volunteer time & resources – remain aware of how students are being affected by lack of resources

Increase Business Presence /Commerce

Coffee shop
Expand Farmer’s market
Partner with Dept. of Community Development
Food & Drink on 63rd St
Some shop that have kid food
Fresh veggie & cheese store
Toy store
Meet with local business owners
SBA loan for 63rd st corridor


Drug deals (2)
Untended dog leavings
City Council Meeting
Vacant and unkempt properties
Dumping on the street & on Sherwood near park
Homes where no one attends to lawn or garbage

Safety/ Town Watch

More bicycle police
Police presence in neighborhood
More police patrol cars especially in AM 5:00 AMish
Cameras (2)
Security Cameras – Police in high incident areas lighting deters or permanent outdoor lighting is inexpensive and effective.
Home security camera
Security cameras (2)
Cameras on corners also for individual houses
Cameras at key points
Home security cameras pointed outside house
Security cameras discount purchase program for homeowners
Cameras to catch criminals
Group contract to install cameras at homes in OFC Members elect into special group for special rate
Home outside lights on (Install)
Lights in driveways
Phase out all high Street Lighting in favor of lower post lights like on 63rd st
Unlit houses
Working lights (2)
Ask all homeowners to leave on outside light on in front and behind houses
More lights
Turn on outside lights
Better safety
Safety (4)
Safety lights on houses and visible house #’s
Watch for how drug deals get started one unknown car comes & then another comes near it
Town Watch (4)
Post Town Watch signs
Park security
Civilian patrols
Watching out for others
Be aware of your surroundings
Decrease crime
Get involved
Report suspicious activity
Home security system
Help attract business owners to 63rd st that will foster community
Help neighbors who may be away or infirm to take in their trash cans after pickup or to clean up litter & tree branches
Discount for motion sensor lights for residents
Group contract to install day/night sensor on porch lights “light up Overbrook Farms” members elect into group rate
Street lights bring low street lights to area light 63rd st.
More neighbors visible out front – Porch Parties?
Create a town watch
Enforce the curfew for high school students
A better sense of public space with/in center of Overbrook Farms. Morris Park is one type but not an urban square such as a “Square of Plaza” *eyes on the Street*
More bicycle Infrastructure; Bicycle Police Patrols; neighbors, students using bicycles more *eyes on the Street*
Keep people from crossing tracks on the surface at Overbrook Station
Go to Town Meeting
Stronger commercial corridor/Businesses that encourage pedestrian traffic *eyes on the Street*
Create destinations of where neighbors can meet

Social Media

Phone call chain
List Server (4)
Sharing events new interest to cement a woe(?) neighborly community for all
Maove e-mail communication from Board
Get everyone on the List Serve
Develop Tweeter OFC Account
Encourage people to be on the List Serve
List Serve Flaming by neighbors who don’t care for their own homes

Community Involvement

How to get people to volunteer
Check blocks for overgrown bushes possible assist homeowners
Welcome packets for new neighbors
Greater interaction with neighboring associations
Have smaller group leaders
Trade professional establish a professional network
Community (ies) inter action formal – joined meetings for all
How to make a connection to older neighbors who assistance
Know your neighbors
List of people older/disabled etc. Who need help
Working families need a easy way to be connected to each other – not a lot of extra time for organizing events a certain life stages but community valued
More group yard sales (Media has town wide one every year)
Yard sale say for whole area
Pot lucks to get to know neighbors
Block party
More block porch meetings
Community/block parties 2-3 times a year
OFC Craft show/Art showcase


Monthly flyers reporting criminal activity
Stolen packages
Fire extinguishers
Response time of cops
Carbon detector
Call 311 make tour (Town?) Watch for somehow (May be a way)
License plate scanners


Fundraiser for speed bump on Woodbine Ave
Getting involved in local schools
Gardens Green Space
Campaign to get 80% of membership paying dues 80% = about $17,000 (more money options)

Traffic Issues

Speed bumps on Woodbine especially 6300 & 6400 blocks
Slow down the traffic on 63-6400 Woodbine Ave
Through traffic of heavy commercial trucks on Woodbine also much through (not drop-off or pick up) traffic of school buses on Woodbine Legal? Loud!
Repave Morris Park Rd
Traffic crosswalk signals at 6erd Street & Sherwood & 63rd & Overbrook
Neighborhood contractor service
SJU off Campus living
Contact lost on Listserve names, e-mails
More traffic enforcement for speeding & running stop signs (esp. Woodbine & Sherwood)
Ordinance on beer selling store at 66th & Malvern
Encourage neighbors to tend their gardens/property


Remove appliances & debris from front porches
Block Parties Block Captains Block Meetings
Produce a list of contacts for phone calls about problems, issues for information
Knowing your neighbors

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