Safety First

SafetyAs a result of the senseless murder of our neighbor, James Stulhman, the Board invited the community to the March Board Meeting to discuss safety issues.  What can we do to keep our neighborhood a safe and welcoming place?  Below is a list of the suggestions mentioned at the meeting. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Increasing Safety

  • Increase/encourage use of porch lights – use timers and motion detection systems
  • Keep bushes well trimmed to increase visual access of property
  • Prune street trees so that they don’t block street lights
  • Install more outdoor cameras – street facing
  • Encourage installation of home alarm systems
  • Place cameras in common areas of the community
  • Safe Cam’s for residents and business owners – Potentially sharing costs among residents and business owners
  • Creating more opportunities for interpersonal connections with neighborhood youth
  • Reporting license plates and description of cars idling/sitting in the neighborhood
  • Light the back of homes with motion detection systems
  • Make eye contact with anyone you pass on the street.
  • Lighting the alleys behind Morris Park and Woodcrest
  • Be vigilant about reporting potential spotters
  • Town Watch – increase participation, know who the members are, have assigned areas
  • Have the phone and cell number of everyone on a block – block captain info
  • Contact Streets Department to put a light on any available pole – they will do this
  • Request additional presence of police

We also discussed having occasional “Porch Parties”.  Anyone is welcome to set one up and meet and greet our neighbors.  Just post to the Listserv, the Website, or the Overbrook Farms Facebook site.  Ginny Duerr held the first one and word has it, it was a great success.

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3 Responses to Safety First

  1. Pamela S Haskell says:

    I am not receiving any information. I was not aware members were invited to a recent OFC meeting to discuss safety. I have a Board member as a neighbor, A Dorsey, and I was told nothing. Please, tell me how the Board communicates or posts announcements? Pamela S Haskell

  2. With apologies for the long delay in responding, neighborhood news and information about meetings and events are primarily posted on this webpage but also distributed via newsletter (delivered to all homeowners in Overbrook Farms), postcard mailings, and announcements on the Overbrook Farms listerv. The volunteers who maintain this webpage try to insure prompt posting of upcoming events and have recently revamped the website platform to facilitate more efficient updating. Please do check back for info about upcoming events and other happenings in the neighborhood.

    Best regards,
    Melanie Ellison-Roach
    for the Overbrook Farms Club

  3. Dear Pamela,

    You can find community announcements on the listserve and on the OFC’s NextDoor page. We are also working to post more information through our Facebook page and on this website.

    If you would like to sign up for the email listserv, please visit

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