D’Ancona, Gabriel

Gabriel D’Ancona, Stonemason 610-585-5432 
Gabe did great work for us at Ivy Hall.  Honest, reliable and a pleasure to work with. 
Submitted by: Justin M. Haas (

Joseph Manero & Sons

Joseph Manero & Sons 
Ask for Joe or Fran 
Multi-generational stone mason family. Exceptional work & professionalism.  
BTW: Please don’t allow any mason to tell you that “white cement” is appropriate for your house. Bar/ Portland Sand is the original application and not any more expensive than bag cement. Best Wishes! 
Submitted by: Chris Hinkle-Brown ( chris

McGee Plastering Inc.

McGee Plastering Inc. 
Daren – 610-637-0241 
Submitted by: Joe Graham (