Myers, Steve

I use a fellow named Steve Myers. 267-253-5406. Nice guy, low key, friendly, knowledgable. I’ve seen him tackle some tough old-door type lock problems, as well as adding locks to new steel doors.Please feel free to tell him I recommended him. It won’t get you a discount, but it’ll make him smile! all the best
Submitted by: Todd Kimmell (kpict@yahoo.com)

Schwartz Hardware

I highly recommend Schwartz Hardware on 54th street – 215 877 2121. The store has been operating in that location since the 50’s. Not only do they offer locksmith services but they also sell some fantastic cast iron cookery!
Submitted by: Mark Wallacavage (mwallacavage@yahoo.com)

215 877 2121

West Philadelphia Locksmith
Submitted by: David Cleghorn (david@diamondandassociates.com)


Garage door installation, maintenance, and repair; locksmith service.

(610) 642-2262