Colish, Seth

We also use a terrific guy who comes 2x year to do cutting, design, etc. who’s also terrific and is based in Lancaster. He’s a Barnes Horticultural graduate, incredible hard worker, very reasonable, great guy… Seth Colish, 484-433-5612. Since he’s relatively far we use him for special landscaping jobs instead of the weekly work. He’s very creative, too. If you’d like, stop by to see what he did to our front walk.
Submitted by: Pat Winter (
I highly recommend Seth Colish at 484-433-5612. He has done work for several of my friends and neighbors in the neighborhood. Submitted by: Mark Wallacavage (

Conroy, Dan

We (and many of our neighbors) use Dan Conroy.  His phone number is 610.446.0797.
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DelGiorno Landscape

We use DelGiorno Landscape for snow removal (his company also cuts the lawn, does clean-ups, etc) and have been very happy with his reliability.  You could see if he’s available.

Submitted by: Tara Capizzi (

Engelhart Landscaping

If all you need is to have a tree removed or trimmed, I recommend Engelhart Landscaping. They don’t have an arborist. If your tree is sick, you’ll need one. I used Engelhart several years ago to trim a tree. At the time, they were the most reasonably priced. He took forever to get my estimate, if you can wait his price was much better. The phone number is 215-533-5043. 
Submitted by: Michael Lemley (

Nguyen, Van

I’ve been using Van Nguyen for several years. He is great – he has suggested some plants for my front flower beds as well as provided me with advice as to when to trim bushes, etc. He has taken down trees for me and has put in a patio as well. He is reasonable and does a great job. His number is 610-203-0047.
Submitted by: Barbara-Jean Fening (

P. Spinelli & Co.

We use P. Spinelli & Co. for our weekly maintenance, 610-664-3295. They are very good, reasonable, professional and on time every week during the season. Their charge for the week is $32.00.
Submitted by: Pat Winter (

Sears, Craig

Hi, We highly recommend:
Craig Sears
Landscape Designer, Inc.
Tel: 215-242-9453
He’s done spring clean ups for us for many years. His pruning and shaping are done correctly and artistically. What he plants lives and thrives. Also, when he leaves, the flower garden is ready for another season.
Submitted by: Helen Oakes (

The LawnWorks Co

I have been very happy with The LawnWorks Co., They clean up beautifully, mow reliably, trim the hedges and shrubs and, for me most importantly, they shut the gate when they leave so there has been no porblem with my dog escaping. I only have them mow and trim now, but about 6 years ago they did a fantastic job relaying my brick walk – no weeds, no cracking. They offer a variety of other services as well. I know they would love to landscape for my yard, but that is not currently in the cards. Joe Hemphill is the brother who covers this area – I will see if I can find his number.
Submitted by: Moira Wood ( ) May 2010