Antoine, Trudy

I wanted to let everyone know about our wonderful house cleaning professional who is currently looking for some additional house cleaning work in the neighborhood.  We hired Trudy a few months ago and she has been doing a tremendous job.  She is extremely responsible and reliable, very skilled and thorough, wonderfully pleasant to interact with, very bright and energetic and professional.
If you have need of a house cleaning professional, please feel free to contact Trudy at or you can reach her at 267-235-8687.
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We’ve used Bonnie and Jim Davolos (267-918-3008) for about 2 yrs. and are very pleased.  They always bring a third person with them (Nicole) and they are very fast, clean, reliable and lovely people.  They come to our house every 2 weeks and charge $100 for 1 hour.  It’s amazing what they accomplish in that time.  It takes a little while until they get the routine and know your house in order for them to do it in such a short amount of time.  Of course, it also depends on what you want them to do.  They are very flexible and I highly recommend them.
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Double M Cleaning

Double M Cleaning: 856-346-2612. They are wonderful! Just employed them about 2 months ago, but cannot say enough about them. They are reliable, trustworthy, and do a great cleaning job. There are a few people in the neighborhood using them.
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independent housecleaner/housekeeper