I have a wonderful cleaner come to my house.  The company is just called Alex and Elaine Cleaning and it is two people.  I have them come every two weeks and they do a very thorough job.  They do all of the windows each visit.  Also, they have been the only people that clean between all of the rails on the banister.  Needless to say, they don’t miss a spot.  My next door neighbor suggested them when we moved in a couple of months ago so I know they do other homes in the area as well. Having used a number of cleaning services in the past, Alex and Elaine are head and shoulders above the competition.  They spent 10 hours in my home for our initial deep clean (average bi-weekly cleaning is about 3-4 hours).  Prices are very reasonable.  Their number is 267-266-3361.
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Recently, Stacy recommened Alex and Elaine Cleaning Service. I was unhappy with my cleaning lady, so I thought I’d give them a try. They are absolutely the best. Definitely keepers. Alex’s # 267 266 3361
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We’ve used Bonnie and Jim Davolos (267-918-3008) for about 2 yrs. and are very pleased.  They always bring a third person with them (Nicole) and they are very fast, clean, reliable and lovely people.  They come to our house every 2 weeks and charge $100 for 1 hour.  It’s amazing what they accomplish in that time.  It takes a little while until they get the routine and know your house in order for them to do it in such a short amount of time.  Of course, it also depends on what you want them to do.  They are very flexible and I highly recommend them.
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Double M Cleaning

Double M Cleaning: 856-346-2612. They are wonderful! Just employed them about 2 months ago, but cannot say enough about them. They are reliable, trustworthy, and do a great cleaning job. There are a few people in the neighborhood using them.
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independent housecleaner/housekeeper


I wanted to let everyone know about our wonderful house cleaning professional who is currently looking for some additional house cleaning work in the neighborhood.  We hired Trudy a few months ago and she has been doing a tremendous job.  She is extremely responsible and reliable, very skilled and thorough, wonderfully pleasant to interact with, very bright and energetic and professional.
If you have need of a house cleaning professional, please feel free to contact Trudy at or you can reach her at 267-235-8687.
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