Recommended Contractors

This list of contractors and/or service providers should not be considered a recommendation of the Overbrook Farms Club. The recommendations on this page are made by individual members. The Overbrook Farms Club does not specifically endorse any of these companies or individuals or the goods and services they provide. Overbrook Farms Club has not interviewed, investigated or performed any due diligence in regard to any of the contractors or service providers identified here. Should you wish to use the services of any of the individuals or companies that appear on the Overbrook Farms Club contractor list, we recommend asking for references from the company and/or from your neighbors.

Belfie, Robert

I would recommend Robert Belfie, Tile and Marble Installation, bathrooms, kitchens, back splash, basement floors, etc. He can be reached at 610-701-1090 or email . Free estimates.  Robert grew up in Overbrook Park, still lives in the area and is a nice, reliable young man. 
Submitted by: Jane Rozmiarek ( 12/2011

Benvenuto, Joe

We've used Joe Benvenuto for years, he's great and from Mt. Airy.
His number is 215 247-1747.  
Submitted by: Pat Winter (

215 247-1747

we've been told our sys was put in compliments Augustafer's (sp.?),   who were apparently in the HVAC biz. we have been well served by Ben Block, a terrific man and entirely reputable/personable. We rec'd a   card offering a pre-season (ha!) checkup for $85 instead of $125 if b4   11/26. that said, we have gas hot water heat and he is familiar and   competent. this is our second (oh yeah, carpetbaggers!) year w/Ben and   we can say nothing but the best -- he answers Qs if you have 'em,   makes suggestions if you take 'em, and all those good qualities. 
Submitted by: vernyce dannells (
The Bells enthusiastically co-sign any recommendation of Block Heating and Air Conditioning.  I cannot find my pre-season check up card anywhere but you can Google them. Ben was here just yesterday installing a new furnace.  Our furnace and cooling units are ancient -- had to be the first off the assembly line.  They have been dying since we bought the house 5 years ago and Ben has performed incredible feats of CPR on them both -- including risking life and limb last week to shut down a furnace that was apparently shooting out fire every time it fired up (hubby and I were in complete denial about the house-shaking rumbling every time the heat stoked up and refused to go look).  He burned all the hair off his arm decommissioning it and didn't mention it, but the smoky aroma gave it away.  They're honest, straightforward, and don't waste time. He's also very busy, so you occasionally have to call a few times to get hold of him.
Submitted by: The Bells (

Brann Electric

Try Henry Brann from Brann Electric  609 636 3201
Submitted by: Todd B. Kimmell (

609 636 3201
Bryn Mawr Glass

If you can't find any vintage glass elsewhere, Bryn Mawr Glass has it in stock: 
Bryn Mawr Glass & Mirror 
708 E Haverford Rd 
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3816 
(610) 525-5500 
Submitted by: Chris Hinkle-Brown (
(610) 525-5500
Burnett’ s Painting

Just wanted to share with you a great painting company.  Burnett' s Painting, owner is Norman Burnett.  His work is impeccable , his crew is punctual and they get the job done.  Their number is 856 216 1916.  When you call, tell Norman you live in my neighborhood. Good Luck! Also, Norman is a friend of 30+ years and has done all of the painting in our homes. 
Submitted by: Carol Tinari (

856 216 1916
Burns, George

George Burns charges reasonably for gutter cleaning. 215: 855-4759, 215: 872-7377 (cell)
Submitted by: Ed Boe (

215: 855-4759, 215: 872-7377 (cell)
Callahan, Charlie

Reliable and reasonable

Recommended by:  Leslie Brown June 2017


My next door neighbor (2034 Upland Way) is having a new roof put on by Charlie Callahan 610-541-7898. He was the most reasonable price and came when called. 
Submitted by: Susan Carmody (


I use Campano Heating and Air, (215) 238-0570, and have been happy with them.  They have also serviced my parents' steam system for years and did a great job switching my house over to an HVAC system. 
Submitted by: Tara Capizzi ( )

We had our boiler replaced with central heating and A/C last year by Campano. I have nothing but the highest praise for their work, their ethics, and the job they did!  We had orginally contracted with someone who started the job, got half the money and never came back to finish!  Fortunately that guy had a conscience and subcontracted the rest of the job to Campano, so ours was a story with a happy ending.  Campano did not try to rake us over the coals, they did more than what their contract called for and they completed the job on time.  
Submitted by: Jean Watterson (

(215) 238-0570
Cared for Homes

those seeking a handyman!
Our "neighbor" Trevor, whose thrift store has stood many years on 63rd, works during the week, and has more he's willing to do on the weekends.
while i have an in house magician, many have reminded me they are not as fortunate, so check Trevor's website [] and see the array of services this talented guy who knows our grand dames so well, might be able to bring to a project or need that you have!

Vernyce Dannells