Real Estate Transactions

This is a list of all recent real estate transactions as of Sept., 2015

The following abbreviations are used:

ACT – Listed for Sale

ACT-O – An offer was accepted; going through the inspection process.

PND – Under contract – Due to close as soon as the mortgage is approved.

STL – Settled

AddressSettlement DateBeds/BathStatusPriceType
5914 Overbrook Avenue10B/6BSTL$496,000.00Arm's Length
6420 City Avenue7B/7B/2-1/2BACT$750,000.00 Arm's Length
5901 Overbrook Avenue7B/3-1/2BSTL$445,000.00 Arm's Length
6313 Drexel Road7B/3-1/2BACT$439,000.00Arm's Length
6376 Woodbine Avenue7B/2B/1/2BPND$99,000.00 REO
6386-88 Church Road6B/4B/2-1/2BSTL$190,000.00 Arm's Length
6357-59 Woodbine Avenue6B/4B/2-1/2BACT$649,000.00 Arm's Length
6460 Sherwood Road10/23/20156B/3B/2-1/2BPND$519,900.00 Arm's Length
6420 Sherwood Avenue6B/3B/2-1/2BSTL$542,000.00Arm's Length
6491 Sherwood Road6B/3-1/2BACT$495,000.00 Arm's Length
6401 Sherwood Road6/16/20156B/3-1/2BSTL$567,500.00 Arm's Length
6419 Drexel Road6B/3-1/2BACT$469,000.00Arm's Length
6389 Overbrook Avenue6B/2B/1/2BSTL$415,000.00 Arm's Length
6367 Woodbine Avenue6/30/20156B/2B/1/2BPND$374,900.00 Arm's Length
6408 Church Road11/5/20156B/2-1/2BPND$599,000.00
Arm's Length
1901-3 N. 63rd Street6B/2-1/2BSTL$216,391.00 REO
6479 Sherwood Avenue6B/2-1/2BACT$519,900.00Arm's Length
6370 Church Road5B/4-1/2BACT-O$589,000.00Arm's Length
6333 Woodbine Avenue9/30/20155B/3-1/2BPND$379,000.00 Short Sale
6436 Sherwood Road6/22/20155B/2B/2-1/2BSTL$500,000.00
Arm's Length
6339 Woodbine Avenue5B/2-1/2BACT$299,000.00 Arm's length
6328 Woodbine Avenue5B/2-1/2BSTL$225,000.00 Arm's Length
5979 Drexel Road3B/2-1/2BACT$308,800.00 Arm's Length
2450 N. 59th Street3B/2-1/2BACT$375,000.00 Arm's Length
5979 Woodbine Avenue3B/2-1/2BACT$299,900.00Arm's Length
6403 Woodcrest Avenue9/29/20153B/1B/1/2BACT$119,700.00 REO
6479 Morris Park Road3B/1B/1-2BSTL$139,900.00 Arm's Length
6464 Morris Park Road3B/1B/1-2BSTL$140,000.00 Arm's Length
6480 Woodcrest Avenue3B/1BSTL$164,640.00 Arm's Length
6443 Morris Park Road3B/1BSTL $85,000.00Arm's Length
6469 Morris Park Road3B/1BSTL$127,000.00 Arm's Length
6612 Morris Park Road3B/1-1/2BT/O$149,900.00 Arms Length
6485 Morris Park Road3B/1-1/2BACT$179,900.00Arm's Length
6444 Morris Park Road9/28/20153B/1-1/2BPND$139,900.00Arm's Length
6608 Morris Park Road3B/1-1/2BSTL$164,000.00Arm's Length
6493 Woodcrest Road3B1/1-1/2BACT$170,000.00 Arm's Length
2026 Upland Way, Unit 3061B/1BACT$299,000.00 Arm's Length
2024 Upland Way, Unit 2101B/1BSTL$270,000.00 Arm's Length