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Bryn Mawr Glass
If you can't find any vintage glass elsewhere, Bryn Mawr Glass has it in stock: 
Bryn Mawr Glass & Mirror 
708 E Haverford Rd 
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3816 
(610) 525-5500 
Submitted by: Chris Hinkle-Brown (
(610) 525-5500
Davis, Vernon S.
Here is the window guy's info. He will take apart your wood windows, retrieve the weights and replace old ropes or chains with new copper chains. In 2003 he charged us $30 per window including the chains (!) but I think the price of copper is much higher now... 
Vernon S. Davis, 2529 North Patton St. Phila , PA 19131, 215-226-2311 
Submitted by: Wes LaBlanc (
You might try Francis Purcell Antiques in Old City.  He hoards all sorts of groovy things in his warehouse, including stacks of old windows. 
Submitted by: Todd B. Kimmell (
Matus Windows
For window insulation 
The showroom is located at the corners of Lancaster & Rittenhouse in Ardmore
Submitted by Chris Hinkle-Brown (
Ricklin’s Hardware
Try Ricklin's Hardware in Narberth -- they do screens and have anything else you might need for your house. Google Ricklin's. And they have their own parking lot.
Submitted by: Jane Rosmiarek ( June 2010
Schwartz Hardware
Schwartz hardware. 1909 n 54th street. 215 877 2121. Local business that has served the area for 50 years. Mark Wallacavage ( June 2010