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Tree Service

Cox, John
Arborist: John Cox 610.664.2340 comprehensive arboreal firm Submitted by: Don Hinkle-Brown (
Engelhart Landscaping
If all you need is to have a tree removed or trimmed, I recommend Engelhart Landscaping. They don't have an arborist. If your tree is sick, you'll need one. I used Engelhart several years ago to trim a tree. At the time, they were the most reasonably priced. He took forever to get my estimate, if you can wait his price was much better. The phone number is 215-533-5043. 
Submitted by: Michael Lemley (
Hayes, John
Trees: John Hayes (Wynnefield) 215.669.4240 reasonable and Insured; Arborist: John Cox 610.664.2340 comprehensive arboreal firm . 
Submitted by: Don Hinkle-Brown (
My landscaper John Hayes Landscaping just did trimming of 5 large trees and took down a dead tree for me for a very reasonable price. One of the trees that was trimmed was over 55 feet tall. His number is 610-348-9330; you can tell him I told you to call him. He lives in Wynnefield so is very familiar with our area. 
Submitted by: Susan Carmody (
215.669.4240 or 610-348-9330
MG Tree Service
MG Tree Service did a great job for us, and was very reasonable too. 610-359-9970, Good luck!
Submitted by: Stephenie Yeung (
Rogan Tree Service
James Rogan 
Rogan Tree Service 
Tell Jim, Joe the signguy sent you
Submitted by: SignGuy (
610-789-7613 or 610-449-7613