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Tile Work

Belfie, Robert
I would recommend Robert Belfie, Tile and Marble Installation, bathrooms, kitchens, back splash, basement floors, etc. He can be reached at 610-701-1090 or email . Free estimates.  Robert grew up in Overbrook Park, still lives in the area and is a nice, reliable young man. 
Submitted by: Jane Rozmiarek ( 12/2011
Giampietro, Sam
I just remodeled my kitchen.  The contractor who did it also did the floor tile, including a center mosaic that had separated during shipping.  He had to put it back together before laying it.  I think he did a great job and he's always been very reasonable in everything he has done for me.  His name is Sam Giampietro and he can be reached at 215-203-6840.  He can get very busy at times, but I think he has some schedule openings at present. 
Submitted by: Barbara-Jean Fening (
Paja, Florian
We just retiled a bathroom and found someone who is very affordable and did excellent work. There is a small language problem but his brother-in-law can get on the phone if necessary. They way we did it was to pay them for their time. They went with us to the tile store (in this case Home Depot) and told us what materials they needed. They charged $300 for labor for the bathroom.
We priced out a small family room floor (using my bad memory) with dimensions of 190 sq feet. The price they gave us was $800 for labor. The floor needs prep work since it currently us carpeted and the underlying floor isn't in great shape. 
Name: Florian Paja 
Telephone: 267-475-5843 
Please tell him that Ed Fischer referred you. If you are going to do the work soon; I'm pretty sure that they are available. We found them through a friend who is a contractor who uses them regularly. Regards, ed 
Submitted by: Louis Fischer (