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Light Contracting/Minor Repair Jobs

All Around Repair
All Around Repair
William A. Kane (proprietor)
610 212 8939
William is very meticilous with his work. He is also a friend of mine for the last 15 plus years...I've Lost count of the years!
Submitted by: LiRon Anderson-Bell (
610 212 8939
Cared for Homes
those seeking a handyman!
Our "neighbor" Trevor, whose thrift store has stood many years on 63rd, works during the week, and has more he's willing to do on the weekends.
while i have an in house magician, many have reminded me they are not as fortunate, so check Trevor's website [] and see the array of services this talented guy who knows our grand dames so well, might be able to bring to a project or need that you have!

Vernyce Dannells
Hello All!
I have used a few handyman contractors and have one I would highly recommend - he gives you reasonable bids and the price doesn't change later. He has planed doors, fixed wall holes in plaster, replaced broken windows, and reset doors that were ajar and didn't close properly. He also has recommended electricians and car repair people to me who have also been a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly without reservation!
His name is: Chuck Sutter (Charles Sutter, Specialty Contracting, P.O. Box 208, Villanova, PA 19085-9998)
(610) 420-9954
Good Luck! Jamee
Submitted by: Jamee Roberts (jameeroberts@hotmail .com)
(610) 420-9954
Debreaux, Joe
We've been using Joe Debreaux for this sort of work, repointing masonry, leaf and snow removal, and especially landscaping since 2001 or 2002, and we've never been disapppointed.  His phone  number is 215/463-1491.
Submitted by: Jeff Roth (
Gilberti, Neal
Hi all, I would like to add a name to our list of great contractors (Neal Gilberti cell @ 267-242-9813). Neal is not only on time, professional and cleans up after himself, he is creative in thought and really gave us some ideas that we used when getting some work done by him. We had him put in a new front door and build a window seat in our dining room. He also can identify other specialties that we just as good as he is. I had a floor man and a painter work on this project as well and all were great. I have been reading these mails for years but have NEVER given a recommendation because I am very particular about those kinds of things...but he's is the exception.....
Thanks and have a great week everyone!
Submitted by: Janet and Martin Ryder (
Jennings, Ralph
Do you need faucets, toilets, or vanities replaced? Ceiling fans, light switches, fixtures or receptacles? Mr. Ralph Jennings has performed a great deal of work on my property and it was all professionally done and reasonably priced. Often it is difficult to find skilled tradesmen who perform small jobs. Call Ralph at 267-975-8590.
Submitted by: Len Trower (
If you have a "to do" list like I do, proHandyman Services, LLC, is the number to call.  John Fanelli from Havertown, is a handyman who returns calls, keeps his appointments, does quality work in a timely way, and bills honestly and fairly.   He's a keeper for me!
Submitted by: Judy Gasiewski (