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Homeowners Insurance

We have an insurance broker whom we've used for years and finds us the most reasonable rates with all of our policies.  The name is F. F. Breuninger & Son Ins., 1140 West Lincoln Hwy. , Coatesville , PA (610-384-1980).  You can speak with either Chip or Maureen Breuninger who are very knowledgeable and very nice. Please feel free to use our names, they know us well, we've recommended them to quite a few people.  All the best.
Submitted by: Paul and Pat Winter (
McCollum Insurance
I have been using Erie Insurance for all my insurance needs for the past 5 years and I don't think I could be more satisfied.  My broker is Brian McCollum of McCollum Insurance (215-508-9000)  based out of Roxborough.  I have recommended many other homeowners to him over the years. Good luck.
Submitted by: Mark Wallacavage (