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Crystal Cleaners
I love the Crystal Cleaners. City Line Center next to state store. Wonderful
Submitted by: Michael Doyle (

I also like Crystal Cleaners. I've also had alterations done there. Very friendly and courteous. 7712 City Line Ave. in the plaza where the Ross is.
Submitted by: Gerda Goodman (
Mr. Anton Dry Cleaners
I'm pleased with Mr. Anton Dry Cleaners at 7569 Haverford Avenue. New owners are a young married Korean couple who go out of their way to give good customer service. My dress shirts are perfectly starched and ironed. They also do good seamstress/tailoring work.
Submitted by: Peter Paris (
Towne Cleaners
We've gone through about 4 dry cleaners, none of them did the job right. We finally found Towne Cleaners, 4308 Township Line Rd, Drexel Hill, 610-789-6284 AND they pick up and deliver. Since my husband uses lots of shirts and suits for business they have to do an excellent job. This is the first time that we're very happy with a dry cleaner and can highly recommend them.
I forgot to mention that we also had alterations and repairs done by them, everything came back great. They also do a great job on large cotton tablecloths. There were stains which the other cleaners didn't remove, but Towne did a fantastic job on that too.
Good luck,
Submitted by: Pat Winter (