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Concrete and Masonry

McCullough, Frank
Frank McCullough 215-877-2137. Frank and his partner have done all kinds of work for me, including stucco. They are hard working and reasonable.
Submitted by: Jane Wormeck ( ) June 2014
Proud, Matthew
We had our entire house (brick and stone) repointed by Matthew Proud.  215-673-0541. The Proud brothers were trained by their father and they all each have competing businesses so you'll see the name around. I've seen signs at work sites in town and on the Mainline.  My one suggestion is to not hire someone who is in another trade but also does pointing.  (such as a roofer who also does pointing)    Stone and brick pointing is a craft and only a professional that speciailizes in the trade should be hired.
Submitted by: Amy Taylor (
Scott, George
George Scott (610: 909-6389 mobile).
Submitted by: Ed Boe (
610: 909-6389