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Giampietra, Sam
A great carpenter is .  Phone is 215-663-1666 (h) and 215-203-6840.  He has recently started his own business after years of working for other companies.  He remodeled most of a friend's kitchen.  He added on a stair rail for me for the bottom three steps and matched the original stair very well.  He also put a new basement door on (I know that slanted door leading into the basement has a name, but I don't remember it.  I call them the Wizard of Oz doors!)
Submitted by: Barbara-Jean Fening ( February 2010
215-663-1666 or 215-203-6840
Profka, Ilir
We've used Ilir Profka 267-325-6734 for interior and exterior painting, drywall work, carpentry, tile work, re-stuccoing basement walls, etc. He has many skills and is great to work with and very respectful of his customers.
Submitted by: Bo Dirnbach ( March 2011
Tolentino, Zeke
For fast and reasonable work, I recommend Zeke Tolentino. Zeke is a contractor, and he backs up the work of his crew and his subcontractors. His mobile telephone number is 215-805-6577.
Submitted by: Huntley Hardison ( March 2011